We facilitate reform implementation, assess policies, make EU closer


International coalition “Visa-Free Europe”

Back in 2010, EWB together with Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland) initiated a creation of the Visa-Free...

Europe Without Barriers in Media

EWB’s materials and expertise have a great demand in the media. For 7 years in...

“Europe Without Barriers” Association

In 2009 Europe Without Barriers initiated a creation of an association (consortium) of the same...

Recognition of Europe Without Barriers and demand on its expertise

Since 2009 experts of the organizations were members of the Joint Committee of experts (Ukrainian...

Europe Without Barriers is not about visas only

Our organization is persistantly associated with the research of visa policy, however we engage in other...
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Support of the reforms to achieve freedom of movement

EWB developed an independent methodology for monitoring of fulfillment of the tasks envisaged by the Visa...

Europe Without Barriers within a visa dialogue

Our organization became a part of the Ukrainian side at the Joint Committee of experts...

Paving the way for visa-free Ukraine and Europe

Activists of “Europe Without Barriers” developed 8 waves of monitoring of visa practices of the EU...

We believe that visa system is an archaic tool of migration policy and should be cancelled



People who are making Ukraine closer to Europe

Iryna Sushko

Executive director

Iryna Sushko

Executive director

Kateryna Kulchytska


Pavlo Kravchuk

Communications Manager

Pavlo Kravchuk

Communications Manager

Tetyana Malysheva

Head Accountant

Tetyana Malysheva

Head Accountant

Olga Sovenko

Involved sociologist

Olga Sovenko

Involved sociologist

Promoting implementation of the effective visa policy of Ukraine

The project is aimed at promoting the transparency and friendliness of Ukraine’s visa policy regarding citizens of more than 100 countries – both those who

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Building safe and humane borders through the public assessment of the Polish-Ukrainian border

Traditionally, the functioning of the state border is analyzed by means of exploring  infrastructure flaws and cases of improper governance, but such approach sets limits

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Promoting evidence-based media coverage of labour migration from Ukraine to V4 countries

The project is funded by the International Visegrad Fund and implemented by Europe without Barriers (Ukraine) in the partnership with Nasz Wybor (Poland), Poradna pro

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Border with humane face. Enhancement of border crossing points functioning

“Europe without barriers” has become a Ukrainian partner of the Polish think tank “Freedom Institute” (Instytut Wolności) in an attempt to jointly comprehend and find solutions

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Public assessment and advocacy of changes to the state policy of providing citizenship

The goal of the project is to conduct a comprehensive study of the state policy of granting Ukrainian citizenship and to promote the implementation of the transparent state migration policy

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Anatomy of the border: public assessment of the practice of crossing Ukrainian border and normative innovations

The goal of the project is to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the practice of crossing Ukrainian borders by Ukrainian citizens and foreigners in order to increase

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