EWB conducts qualitative and quantitative surveys, legislation analysis, media content analysis focusing on unexplored though pressing issues.

Visa monitoring

In 2008-2015, Europe without Barriers activists conducted 8 waves of monitoring the visa practices of EU Member States:

For the first time, research has summarized all the essential elements of the visa application process and ranked the consular services of the EU Member States and the Schengen area. Also, Europe without Barriers has filled the communication gap between consulates and applicants, being a kind of intermediaries between them.

Monitoring the fulfillment of the objectives of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan

EWB has developed methodology for monitoring the fulfillment of the tasks envisaged by the Visa Liberalization Action Plan (VLAP) received by Ukraine in 2010.

Representatives of the organization prepared an independent assessment of Ukraine’s progress in visa liberalization. It presented the result during regular meetings of EU Missions. EWB explored and gauged how Ukraine delivered on its obligations under the Action Plan.


  • Independent monitoring of the implementation of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan (VLAP) 2010-2011 (Link)
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the first phase of the VLAP (Link, in Ukrainian)
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the II phase of the VLAP (Link, in Ukrainian)
  • Results of the monitoring of the implementation of the VLAP for 2010-2015 (Link, in Ukrainian)
  • Visualization of Ukraine’s progress in the implementation of the VLAP (Link, in Ukrainian)

Research on border crossing and regulatory mechanisms

In 2018 EWB conducted a large-scale study of the human dimension of crossing the Ukrainian border having surveyed 2,243 respondents at 18 pedestrian and vehicle crossing points (border of Ukraine with Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, and Russia) to identify the main problems and obstacles faced by travelers at the border. Legislation regulating the functioning and crossing of the border in Ukraine was also analyzed.

In 2019 EWB in cooperation with the Institute for Freedom, the Polish think tank, explored the main problems of crossing points at the Ukrainian-Polish border. Also in 2019 EWB  in cooperation with the Batory Foundation (Poland) studied life of border communities.

Open Sky (EU Common Aviation Area)

In 2015-2018, Europe without Barriers conducted an information campaign to support the signing of the Common Aviation Area Agreement with the EU, examined the expert opinion on the reasons for blocking of the Agreement signing by the EU, and conducted a comparative study of the implementation of EU standards in the field of civil aviation in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia

Ukrainian citizenship policy

In 2018-2019 Europe without Barriers conducted research on Ukrainian legislation related to acquiring of Ukrainian citizenship and residence permits for foreigners. Also we expored the relevent practice via interviewing over 30 foreigners with experience of acquiring of Ukrainian citizenship and residence permits.

Migration processes

In 2010-2019 Europe without Barriers explored migration processes between Ukraine and Spain, conducted analysis of migration management capacities in Ukraine, analysed influences of conflict to labour migration from Ukraine and media coverage of labour migration from Ukraine to Visegrad Group countries.

Monitoring of reforms in the regions

In 2017 experts of Europe without Barriers have developed methodology of monitoring and analysis of Visa Liberalisation Action Plan reforms implementation on the regional level and conducted this monitoring in six regions of Ukraine.

More about the results of our research can be found in the “Projects” and “Analytic reports” sections

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