Europe Without Barriers

Who we are:

NGO “Europe Without Barriers” (EWB) was established in 2009. Activities of the organization are aimed to realize human right for freedom of movement and to support socially important reforms in the fields of rule of law, migration and border management, protection of personal data, public order and combating discrimination.

Visa and migration issues have been the main area of ​​expertize of the organization since the beginning. “Europe Without Barriers” has achieved substantial results and prepared dozens of analytical products used by specialized agencies involved in the process of visa liberalization. Expertize of the organization was used during preparation of the Agreement on visa facilitation (2009 – 2014), the Agreement on local border traffic with Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, the National Action Plan for visa liberalization (2010-2014), Migration Profile (2011), Conception of State Migration Policy (2013 – 2014).

“Europe without Barriers” became a co-founder and active member of the Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels, a member of the Public Council under the State Migration Service, a member of the “Reanimation Package of Reforms” coalition, and in 2016 EWB was elected to lead the international coalition “Visa-Free Europe”. Executive Director of the organization, a leading Ukrainian expert on domestic policy and security Iryna Sushko was elected in 2015 as a National Coordinator of the Ukrainian National Platform of Civil Society Forum of Eastern Partnership countries.

“Europe without barriers” has sustainable liaisons and provides common activities with partner public institutions, think tanks and non-governmental organizations:

    • Government Office for European Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
    • Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
    • Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on issues of European integration
    • European Union Department and the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
    • International Organization for Migration
    • State Border Guard Service
    • Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and others

What we stand for:

The mission of “Europe without Barriers” is to find a new balance between freedom of movement and security (national and human security) in an effort to see Europe without barriers and Ukraine being a part of this Europe.

Since its launch the ideology of the NGO “Europe without Barriers” was based on the conviction of the need to abolish visa barriers in Europe as obsolete, archaic and inefficient means of migration control.

Now our aim is to see the world, where:

  • Ukraine is a safe and friendly country
  • Ukrainians use the visa-free entry to the EU, which is backed by statistics of mobility, the number of visa-free countries increases
  • The risks of restoring the visa regime with the EU are eliminated
  • Stability of reforms within the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisationis achieved
  • Ukraine meets obligations in the field of asylum refugee, anti-corruption, and anti-discrimination
  • A public discourse that opposes a fear of immigrants was created and is maintained
  • Ukraine successfully overcomes the challenges caused by the conflict in particular regarding IDPs and border control
  • Ukraine successfully uses existing political and legal instruments of freedom of movement including the Association Agreement, the Common Aviation Area Agreement with the EU, etc
  • The queues and corruption factors at the Ukrainian borders with the EU are overcome
  • Control and security on Eastern border are strengthened. Ukraine effectively introduces new rules of border crossing for foreigners, including citizens of Russian Federation. Balance between human rights and security is being kept

More information on our mission and vision in “Strategy” section

What we do:

Projects of the organization are mainly focused on the following areas:

Monitoring as a modern form of public control

  • Conducting systematic monitoring of administrative practices that determine the conditions of freedom of movement and cross-border communications in Eastern Europe
  • Monitoring of the Government implementation of the tasks provided by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, as well as the Visa Liberalization Action Plan
  • Monitoring of visa practices of Schengen States consulates
  • Monitoring the practice of issuing passports
  • Monitoring the availability of services for vulnerable social groups, including people with disabilities

Analysis and expert opinions

  • Independent expert evaluation of international agreements, regulations, primarily between Ukraine and the EU on security and freedom of movement
  • Analysis of legislative and institutional changes envisaged by the Association Agreement in regards to the movement of persons and migration management and Visa Liberalization Action Plan
  • Preparation of recommendations for the relevant institutions of Ukraine and the EU in certain areas of European integration

Advocacy activities

  • Conducting public events (debates, press conferences, round tables) on the most pressing European integration and human rights issues
  • Active support for reforms in areas where there is apparent stagnation, overcoming discrimination, identification documents reform, the fight against corruption. Expanding support for relevant reforms in the parliament and in the institutions of executive branch
  • Distribution of reliable and balanced information in Ukrainian media on the implementation of reforms envisaged by the Visa Liberalization Action Plan (VLAP) and Association Agreement; conditions of correct using visa-free regime
  • Trainings and educational activities to increase capacities of regional NGOs and media
  • Development and advocacy of legislative acts

More information on current activities of Europe without Barriers in “Projects” and “News” sections

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