One of most important tools for Europe without Barriers is to influence public opinion and to shape public demand for pro-European reforms via the media. We implement analytical, informing and educational projects targeted at journalists, actively use media outlets to bring our messages to the public, and have our own media (site and social networks) with a core of regular visitors / subscribers.

Projects and campaigns

Since 2009, EWB has developed and implemented about 10 media-oriented projects that included content analysis, information campaigns and training for journalists.

EU myths and reality in Eastern Partnership countries

After analyzing the content of the Ukrainian media, experts from the organization prepared the analytical report “Seven Typical Myths about the European Union”, which became part of a collective publication that covered issues of myths about the EU in 6 EaP countries. More about the project

Campaign “Life is too short to wait for a visa”

The EWB has developed and presented a number of promotional materials in Ukraine and the EU, including a photo booklet “Visas? What’s the reason? ”, Visa Free Europe T-shirts, Comics “European on the Road” and others. More about the project

Visa-Free Regime Use Information Campaign (Travel Responsibly)

The project involved 12 local media representatives in 6 regions of Ukraine, for whom we conducted a training on covering visa-free regime with the EU. As part of the project, EWB has developed a range of media products that reached over 1 million people. More about the project

Promoting evidence-based media coverage of the labor migration from Ukraine

As part of the project,  EWB, together with an international team of researchers, conducted an analysis of media coverage of the topic of labor migration, organized a training for Ukrainian journalists and a competition of materials on labor migration. More about the project

Border with human face

In order to improve the quality of coverage of the border management issues in Ukrainian media, Europe without Barriers held a competition for ideas of publications about the border, and funded the implementation of the best two concepts. More about the project.


The movie Unachieved Europe

Europe without Barriers in collaboration with Domino Production (Brussels, Belgium), produced and presented the documentary “Unachieved Europe” (trailer). The film contains interviews by key figures in the history of EU-Eastern European relations at the end of the 20th century. More about the project

Exhibition “Visas? What’s the Reason?”

Photo exhibition picturing public persons from spheres of sports, culture and science who were refused in Schengen visa. Exhibition was presented in Kyiv and Brussels. More about the project

The Everyday Challenge Exhibition

Phot exhibition pictures obstacles faced by people with disabilities when using visa and migration services. View photos

An Interactive Map of Europe

Interactive map of Europe and Schengen countries with amounts of financials means one need to obtain when crossing the border of this countries. During the first year the map got 1,5 mln views. More information


EWB uses infographic format to disseminate advocacy messages more effectively. Find more information at Infographics section.

Europe without Barriers in media and a request for its expertise

The expertise and materials of EWB are highly appreciated by media. Since its foundation, our organization has been and remains one of the main sources of information on visa issues, migration issues, security of documents, border management, European integration.

According to media monitoring, on average, over 600 citations of EWB appear on the online media each year. The experts of the organization appear on Ukrainian TV channels and radio (Channel 5, Hromadske Radio, Radio NV, UATV), publish articles in print and online outlets (Dzerkalo Tyzhnya, Novoe Vremya, European Pravda, Delo).

We are quoted also in Poland, Germany, Belgium, Russia, China, Armenia, Georgia and other countries.

Own media

Europe without Barriers has a site with 4,500 visitors per month, a Facebook page with over 3,000 subscribers, and a Ukrainian-language and English-language Twitter pages.

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