State Border Service launched the revised interactive map of traffic at checkpoints


The State Border Service launched the revised interactive map of traffic at border checkpoints and checkpoints on the administrative border with occupied Crimea.

The checkpoints on the map are marked with different colours depending on the level of traffic when leaving Ukraine.

Green colour marks small traffic when waiting time is less than one hour, the blue colour is for average traffic with waiting time up to two hours. Red is for big traffic with waiting time over 2 hours.
When clicking an icon of a checkpoint one can see information about its working hours, the number of cars and trucks in front of checkpoints, the speed of pass (number of cars per hour), and web camera translation for some checkpoints where it is possible.

According to the State Border Service, data is renewed every three hours.

Europe without barriers invites you to test the new service together. Use the map, check the data and message us at office.europewb(a), if the map is up-to-date.

We will deliver the gathered data to the State Border Service.

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