Press conference “Anatomy of the border: key findings of independent monitoring”


“Europe without barriers” invites journalists to presentation of the results of travelers survey at 18 border crossing points (BCPs) across Ukraine’s border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

July 12, 2018

Ukrinform Agency (2nd floor), 8/16 B.Khmelnytskoho str,


During the press conference, the authors of the study will talk on issues and problems that Ukrainians who regularly cross the Ukraine-EU border are aware of the most.

The following issues will be highlighted:

  • The friendliness of individual BCPs – speed, quality, satisfaction
  • Is there corruption at the border?
  • Where and when there are no queues
  • Records of speed and delay
  • What transport allows faster and more convenient crossing of the border
  • Who works better – Ukrainian border guards or EU ones
  • Did the visa-free regime affect the border crossing procedure? If yes, was the effect good or bad
  • What documents are checked the most often
  • Suggestions and recommendations from the travelers
  • Vox populi: the most vivid quotes of respondents

Working languages: Ukrainian, English

The event is organised in the framework of the Anatomy of the border project, conducted by Europe without Barriers and supported by International Renaissance Foundation. 

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