The number of visa-free regime users has sharply increased – SBGS


In June 2018, the number of Ukrainian citizens who benefited from a visa-free regime has sharply increased and reached a number of 221 thousand people, which is 2.3 times more than in June last year.

It is reported by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

“Only in June this year 221 thousand visa-free trips were recorded, which is 2.3 times more than during the first 30 days of a visa-free regime, when the statistics amounted to almost 96 thousand people. Currently, the number of visa-free travellers is on average from 9 thousand to 12 thousand people a day,”- the message claims.

In general, as of the beginning of the visa-free regime, by the end of June this year, more than 21 million border crossings to the EU have taken place by citizens of Ukraine, which is 12% more than in the previous period. It is noteworthy that the number of users without a visa in June 2018 is only 2.5 times less than the number of people who benefited of a visa-free travelling for the whole previous year.

In the statistics of the State Border Guard Service, a visa-free traveler is defines as a person who has crossed the border with a “clean” biometric passport without previously issued Schengen visa.

The rise of number of visa-free travellers was predicted by Europe without Barriers during the press conference “Anniversary of the visa-free regime: statistics, trends, strategy”.

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