Visa waiver stats as of June 16: refusal rate less then 0,2%


At 6 A.M. of June 16 almost 316 000 citizens of Ukraine has crossed the border with EU/Schengen countries since entering into force of visa liberalisation on June 11, reports State Border Service of Ukraine.

63 000 of them used biometric passports.

8690 of them used visa waiver (crossing border with biometric passport without visa).

22% of them (1950) used air transport, others travelled by railway or crossed border at automobile checking points, mostly at Polish border.

16 citizens of Ukraine got refusal of entry, mostly those who were forbidden to enter EU earlier.

EWB comment: Consequently, share of refusals for Ukrainian holders of biometric passports as of June 16 is 0,18%. It is 16 times less then share of denials to visa applicants by EU consularies in 2016 (3,2%). Note (added on June, 16, 22:00): comparing of data collected during five days to data collected during one year is not statistically correct and reveals only certain positive trend.

Also according to EWB research on irregular migration, in 2016 22 925 Ukrainian citizens were refused entry at the external borders of EU, which was 6% less than in 2015 (Eurostat data). Altogether, Ukrainians were refused 27 861 times, which can mean that some person were refused even several times.

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