Training, game and quiz in Lutsk. Report


On January 29 and 30, “Europe without Barriers”, together with partners from the “Our Choice” Foundation (Poland) and “Veles +” (Lutsk), organized in Lutsk a training, a game and a quiz about traveling to the Visegrad countries for tourism, study or employment.

On January 29 in the creative space of Innerspace at the street Parkova, 5, the training “Travel, studying and work in the Visegrad countries” took place, having involved about 40 people, mostly students from local college and university. Experts from Kyiv (Iryna Sushko, Kateryna Kulchytska, NGO “Europe without Barriers”), Lutsk (Victor Valchuk, “Veles+” NGO), Warsaw (Myroslava Keryk, “Our Choice” Foundation) were speaking about the rules of safe and legal travel.


Executive Director of “Europe without Barriers” Iryna Sushko greeted the participants of the training, told them about the purpose and objectives of the project, the significance of responsible mobility after visa liberalization with EU countries, the importance of legal ways to travel for personal safety and comfort, as well as for maintaining visa-free regime.


Kateryna Kulchytska, an analyst from  “Europe without barriers”, presented basic information on traveling to EU countries, in particular:

  • what is the level of mobility to Europe from Lutsk
  • what countries belong to the Visegrad Four
  • what documents should be prepared for travel
  • how to get a travel passport for residents of Volyn region
  • how to find out how much costs one have to obtain to cross the border of the EU country

During the event video “Youth for Responsible Mobility” was demonstrated. Trainers asked audience for comments and/or suggestions.


Myroslava Keryk, Head of the “Our Choice” Foundation, spoke about the main rules of study and employment in Poland, in particular:

  • myths about education in Poland
  • advice on finding a university in Poland
  • basic data on the work of Ukrainians in Poland
  • data on Polish laws in the field of labor
  • common misuses of intermediaries
  • the main abuses by employers
  • working conditions of Ukrainians in Poland
  • to whom in Poland you can apply for help if needed
  • job search tips

P80129-162606Chairman of “Veles+” NGO head Victor Valchuk presented advices and recommendations for avoiding risks while working abroad:

    • risks of illegal employment
    • what is “human trafficking”
    • stages and types of human trafficking and labor exploitation
    • the main signs of human trafficking, causes and consequences
    • advices before going abroad
    • how to check the validity of the license
    • how to check the Polish agency
    • how to check the legality of the employer


On January 30, at the Lutsk City Employment Center (Yaroshchuk St., 2) a shortened version of the advice on issuing documents for traveling abroad and employment was presented.  After this the participants of the event checked down their knowledge in the game format.


First, there was an interactive quiz with 30 questions on the Kahoot gaming platform.

Then the attendees took part in an interactive game in which they were obliged to choose from the documents laid out on the table necessary for a trip to one of the Visegrad countries.

In the end of both events all participants received creative passport covers with motto “Youth for responsible mobility”

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