Survey: corruption on border is faced everywhere, but more on Ukrainian side

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Some travellers surveyed on Ukrainian border claimed that they faced corruption on both sides of the border, but more respondents mentioned about corruption on Ukrainian side, according to results of a survey, conducted by Europe without Barriers (EWB) in the framework of “Anatomy of the border” project.

Respondents were asked to describe the cases of corruption on border they are aware of.

“The surveyed respondents spoke about corruption on both sides of the border. Still more people replied they faced or heard of cases of corruption in Ukrainian customs and border guard services than in those of neighboring countries”, – said Iryna Sushko, the executive director of EWB.

Some border crossing points (BCP) were the exceptions of this tendency: Maly Berezny-Ublya BCP (22% of respondents knew about corruption in Slovak agencies, while only 15% told about Ukrainian ones), Kosyno-Barabash BCP (13% on Hungarian side and 11% on Ukrainian), and Dyakovo-Halmeu BCP (11% acknowledged about corruption on Romanian side and no one on Ukrainian).

Also respondents were speaking more frequently about corruption in Ukrainian Customs then in the Border Guard Service.

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The level of awareness about the corruption at the border significantly depended on the checkpoint where the research was conducted. For example, 44% of respondents in Ustyluh, 30% in Ugryniv and only 5% in Yahodyn and 3% in Rava-Ruska knew about corruption in the Ukrainian border guard/customs agencies.

The main types of corruption schemes, that were named by respondents, were smuggling and importing cars with a foreign registration, cheating a queue, transportation of overweight luggage by buses.

Speaking about corruption, part of respondents talked about specific cases and schemes from their own experience or experience their friends and relatives, the other part said in general that “everybody here is corrupt”, but did not name specific cases, and the large share of respondents, which at some BCPs reached 50% chose the option “Difficult to answer”.

The survey was conducted on 18 border crossing points on borders between Ukraine and Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania in April-May 2018 in the framework of the Anatomy of the border project, implemented by Europe without Barriers and supported by International Renaissance Foundation. 

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