Aviation Vector of Eastern Partnership: Approximation of National Legislations to the EU Laws


Analytic report based on results of the study of the CAA Agreements implementation in Moldova and Georgia, and the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in the field of civil aviation with EU norms and directives.

Main points:

– Moldova: the state of implementation of the CAA Agreement and the implications of its implementation

– Georgia: the state of implementation of the CAA Agreement and the implications of its implementatio

– Ukraine: the state of signing and implementation of the CAA Agreement, main approaches to implementing EU’s directives and regulations

Also analyzed:

– Unilateral implementation of CAA Agreement

– European Single Sky

– Comprehensive plan

– Translation of EU’s directives and regulations

– Certification of aircraft and airports

– “Open skies” in individual airports (Lviv, Odesa)

– Ground handling

– Licensing airlines

Also document contains recommendations to authorities based on study results.

Open file (PDF)

The document was created in the framework of project “Civil facilitation of the Association Agreement implementation through harmonization of the EU’s and Ukraine’s legislation in aviation sphere based on the Eastern Partnership countries’ experience” implemented by NGO “Europe without Barriers” under the auspices of Ukrainian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum with the support from European Union and International Renaissance Foundation, in the framework of grant program of Civic Synergy project. “Europe without Barriers” is responsible for the content

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