Ukraine-EU Association Agreement – opportunities for responsible mobility of Ukrainian citizens

67018_800x600_cfakepathfoto-1The project is implemented under the project “Promotion of reforms in the regions”, which is performed by Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting and “European Pravda” with the assistance and financial support of the European Union.

In the focus of the project is the Association Agreement, and its section “Justice, Freedom and Security”, covering issues of migration and border control, personal data protection, asylum and mobility of citizens.

Coming visa-free regime with the EU makes mobility issues more and more topical. It is expected that along with the benefits of the abolition of visas to the EU the challenges will rise as well. First of all, they are possible increase of illegal/irregular migration, human trafficking, abuse of freedom of movement by citizens using it for employment and studying, despite it is not allowed by terms of the visa-free regime.

Within the project informational campaign “Travel responsibly” will be conducted to explain the benefits and risks of visa-free regime and the practical application of certain provisions of the Association Agreement with the EU in the context of migration and mobility.

The project partners will be regional organizations and representatives of regional media in Volyn, Lviv, Zakarpattya, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Ternopil regions. EWB will held for partners training “Go abroad wisely”. Then EWB will organize in the regions public events “Smart Trip” and 6 workshops “Travel responsibly”.

Also five information guides will be prepared that thematically match with Articles 18, 19, 97 – 102, 401, 431, 437 of the Association Agreement and the related agenda of migration border management.

In addition, the project will launch information site “Travel responsibly” (launch scheduled for May 2017).

The project will strengthen dialogue with NGOs in the regions of Ukraine and is expected to form a coalition of organizations that use the Agreement as an additional instrument of influence regarding mobility.

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