English prejudgement: how British visa policy differs in Ukraine and in neighboring countries

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Article by EWB analyst Kateryna Kulchytska published in European Pravda analyses the visa policy of Great Britain in Ukraine, proving its unproportional strictness comparing to other non-EU European countries.

The key points

  • In particular, Ukraine is the third in Europe by number of applications of its nationals for British visa after Russia and Turkey. At the same time Ukrainians have the highest share of denials among top-5 European countries.

Top-5 countries in Europe whose nationals applied for British visa the most often in 2017:

Country Total applications  Visas issued Denied Share of visas denied
Russia 158 300 154 609 3 733 2,5%
Turkey 128 275 115 281 10 967 9%
Ukraine 44 308 38 553 5 536 13%
Serbia 14 284 13 575 586 4%
Belarus 11 361 10 718 582 5%
  • There is only one British visa centre in Ukraine. For comparison, there are 5 visa centers in Russia, and 7 – in Turkey.
  • Considering that no European country outside the European Economic Area has a visa-free regime with the UK (except for Switzerland), Ukraine has no chances to wave visas to UK. Still Ukraine has to demand reviewing the visa policy and practice of Greate Britain: to lower the share of denials, to reduce time for application proceeding, simplifying or cancelling visas for certain categories (diplomats, sportsmen, journalists, civic society activists, musicians and other culture sector representatives)

Full text (in Ukrainian)



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