Border 777. Current problems of Ukraine-Schengen border


Publication analyses the key issues of functioning of Ukraine’s border with Schengen
countries – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary. Cross-border movement trends, border infrastructure
development, border spatial planning, trans-border and international cooperation are in focus,
including peculiarities of building new border-crossing points, streamlining of border space
via creation of service zones, electronic queue projects.

Open Border 777. Current problems of Ukraine-Schengen border (PDF)

Tables and charts

Chart 1. Number of Ukraine-Poland border crossings, 2010-2020, thousand

Table 1. The proportion of the Schengen border in Ukraine’s cross-border movement

Table 2. Border capacity (BC) vs the actual cross-border traveler volumes (ACTV) at the Ukraine-Schengen border

Table 3. Cross-border movement by citizenship (Ukrainians-Foreigners)

Table 4. The crossing of the Ukraine-Hungary border by Ukrainian citizens (dual citizenship)

Table 5. The potential checkpoints for pedestrian, passenger and cargo car crossing at the Schengen border, mentioned in the official documents or public statements between 2010-2020

Annex 1. Comparison of e-queue services in Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine (projects)

The material was prepared with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation
within the framework of the project “Civic monitoring and facilitation of implementation of
effective policy of Ukraine’s border management with Scengen area countries”. The material
reflects the position of the authors and does not necessarily coincide with the position of the
International Renaissance Foundation

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