Audit of reforms: Assessment report on changes in regions after visa liberalization


“Audit of reforms” is the first complex assessment of implementing on the local level in Ukraine the tasks which were set by the EU during visa liberalization dialogue. The research provides answers to questions, which an NGO “Europe without Barriers” has faced upon Ukraine’s visa-free regime with the EU came into force:

  • What is the state of affairs in implementing reforms in the fields of right for free movement, migration and border management, and countering discrimination after Ukraine has been granted visa-free regime with the EU? Didn’t the reforms rollback?
  • How is the legislation implemented in these fields on the local level?
  • What should be done by local authorities in order to reach the full implementation of the reforms in the mentioned spheres?
  • How to create a demand to continue the reforms in the absence of visa-free incentive?

“Europe without Barriers” brought together a network of NGOs and think tanks from 6 regions of Ukraine to conduct the audit: Vinnytsia Regional Information Centre “Kreativ”, “Centre of Strategic Partnership” in Transcarpathian region, “Centre of Municipal and Regional Development – Resource Centre” in Ivano-Frankivsk region, “Centre “Women’s Perspectives” in Lviv region, NGO“Promoting Intercultural Cooperation” in Odesa region, and “Kherson Regional Centre “Successful Woman” in Kherson region.

Four fields of reforms were explored:
1. Document security
2. Border management
3. Migration&asylum management
4. Countering discrimination

The field stage of “Audit of reforms” was conducted in July-August 2017, using the Methodology developed by the NGO “Europe without Barriers”. The sections and indicators of Methodology are structured in compliance with tasks of EU-Ukraine Visa Liberalization  Action Plan, Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the National Plan on implementing Visa Liberalization  Action Plan”, and the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda to prepare and facilitate the implementation of the Association Agreement.

Assessment was conducted by civic organizations on the basis of answers of local authorities and self-government bodies to official requests, monitoring results, consultations with stakeholders and media monitoring.

Full report (PDF)

Visual data. Audit of reforms: assessment of implementation by regions

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