Europe Without Barriers is not about visas only

Our organization is persistantly associated with the research of visa policy, however we engage in other fields too.

EWB in cooperation with the “Domino Production” (Brussels, Belgium) film studio prepared and presented “The Unachieved EU” documentary (trailer). During the production many key personalities, involved in the EU-EaP relations of the late 20-th century were interviewed. The following questions were covered: What are the reasons for current state of the EU-EaP relations? Were there any mistakes made in the EU-EaP relations, and which if any? How should policies be changed for success to be achieved by the two counterparts?

Кадр з фільму "Незавершена Європа"
A still image from the film “The Unachieved EU”

EWB experts were invited from Ukrainian side to aid in the international project, aimed at studying myths about the EU and reality in EaP countries. EWB took a part in presenting results of the study in Ukraine and Georgia during the Civil Society Forum in 2014, held in Batumi.

Efforts of our experts resulted in regional analysis of gaps in institutional and legislative potential of managing migration processes in three countries: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus.

Migration security map of Ukraine was also developed, which was presented in European Parliament (Brussels).

The organization took part in an all-Ukrainian study – “Migration Profile of Ukraine”, researched the field of identification documents, including issuing biometric international passports and ID cards.

EWB also took part in international project dealing with cross-border aspects of freedom of movement, and studied international standards and practical problems on cases from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

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