Strategy of EWB for years 2016-2018


The organization exists because the problem of barriers in Europe is growing despite the globalization and progress in implementing the visa-free regime.

Dilemma “security-freedom,” in particular regarding the freedom of movement of persons, will be one of thecross-cutting themes of European and Ukrainian policies in the next decades. The organization will have a clear thematic niche as populist pressure on freedom of movement will intensify, and the trend toward greater closeness of societies will include a desire to play back European achievements in terms of open borders. Ukraine is already becoming a part of common European field. The organization will build a sustainable bridge between the European and Ukrainian agendas. In this area, not only traditional forms of international public cooperation are possible, but also the formation of a new culture and practice of civic cooperation between Ukraine and the EU.


To find a new balance between freedom of movement, human rights and security (national and human security) in an effort to see Europe without barriers and Ukraine being a part of this Europe.


Our aim is to see the world, where:

  • Ukraine is a safe and friendly country
  • Ukrainians use the visa-free entry to the EU, which is backed by statistics of mobility, the number of visa-free countries increases
  • The risks of restoring the visa regime with the EU are eliminated
  • Stability of reforms within the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisationis achieved
  • Ukraine meets obligations in the field of asylum refugee, anti-corruption, and anti-discrimination
  • A public discourse that opposes a fear of immigrants was created and is maintained
  • Ukraine successfully overcomes the challenges caused by the conflict in particular regarding IDPs and border control
  • Ukraine successfully uses existing political and legal instruments of freedom of movement including the Association Agreement, the Common Aviation Area Agreement with the EU, etc
  • The queues and corruption factors at the Ukrainian borders with the EU are overcome


  • Equality of rights
  • Public usefulness, service
  • Independence, neutrality
  • Accountability: transparency and publicity
  • Partnership and cooperation
  • Balance and social responsibility

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